Investment Roadmap for 2022

Cryptos competing with USD and EUR. NFTs competing with Rembrandt and Da Vinci. Electric car makers with $0 revenue but market cap bigger than GM, Ford or Toyota. How do you make sense of today’s financial trends? Answer: Use Elliott waves to clarify the global macro environment, ID new opportunities and protect your existing investments. In this FREE, big-picture video from our friends… Read more Investment Roadmap for 2022

Was Covid a Bullish Event?

How to Outwit 99% of Investment Pros Was COVID-19 a “bullish event”? No. Here’s the real answer why stocks rose as the pandemic raged. Waves of social mood fluctuate in accordance with the Wave Principle and determine prices in financial markets. Moreover, these same waves regulate the tenor and character of social attitudes and actions.… Read more Was Covid a Bullish Event?

Head and Shoulders in Euro

Euro: Look at This Head & Shoulders Chart Formation Learn about the “head and shoulders” measuring formula You are probably familiar with the classic “head and shoulders” chart pattern. But, in case you need a refresher, here’s a brief description of a head and shoulders top: The high of an initial upward move is the… Read more Head and Shoulders in Euro

Kiss of Death for Crypto?

Has Crypto-Mania Finally Run Its Course? Here’s a high-profile parallel between tech- and crypto-mania When a company that’s part of a major financial trend buys the naming rights to a professional sports stadium or arena, watch out! History suggests that such a prominent move might be a sign that the fortunes of that company are… Read more Kiss of Death for Crypto?

Public is all in Stocks

New Update on the Public’s Voracious Appetite for Stocks Here’s a month-to-month breakdown of how much money individuals are spending on stocks. It’s been noted before in these pages that … … Investors have put more money into stocks in the last 5 months than the previous 12 years combined That was an April CNBC… Read more Public is all in Stocks

Even the Bears are Bulls Now

When Even Bears Act Bullishly (What It May Mean) “Some indicators are making records” It’s difficult for most investors to take an independent stand from the crowd. For example, it may be wise to “buy when there’s blood in the streets,” as Baron Rothschild famously said, but for many investors, that’s easier said than done.… Read more Even the Bears are Bulls Now


You may agree that today, “hopeful” describes how most investors feel. Everyone is invested to the last penny! Hopeful that the pandemic will finally go away. Hopeful that Washington will do more good than harm. Hopeful that inflation will fall, and employment will rise. And, hopeful that stocks will keep rising if investors get their… Read more Free WEEK

Kiss of Death

Stocks: Is This the “Kiss of Death” for the Bull Market? Stock market prices usually decline after this occurs. Many market observers believe that the catalyst for the next bear market will be a piece of extraordinarily bad news. However, Elliott Wave International has shown time and again that the stock market’s price action is… Read more Kiss of Death

Record Optimism

Next Time You See “4 Times as Many Bulls as There Are Bears,” Remember This See how stock investors’ “historic optimism” served as a warning After a 12-year uptrend, just when caution might be in order, investor psychology has remained highly and stubbornly optimistic. As the July Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, a monthly publication which… Read more Record Optimism