3 Charts That the FED Does NOT Want You To See

We recently saw all-time highs in the stock market,. But does it indicate a healthy economy? Usually the economic indicators lag the financial markets. Markets go up first, recession ends later. Similarly markets go down first and recession appears later. So the market is up.  But the US economic data is lagging badly. The economy is going the opposite direction!! In fact, real GDP per person just dropped to its lowest level in more than 75 years!

While major news outlets never miss a chance to jump on that latest negative trend from society, they seem reluctant to cover basic economic figures that could spell trouble for millions of Americans. Yet the steady dive in US economic performance has recently become too strong to ignore.

When a major New York daily newspaper finally took notice and asked a slate of economists, “What’s wrong with the economy?”, responses ranged from “a statistical mirage” to a “hangover” from the 2008-2009 recession. Yet the charts and figures — for people like you who are willing to take an honest look at such statistics — reveal something far more insidious.

Has the same exuberant mood that propelled stocks to new all-time highs also pulled the wool over economists’ eyes, causing them to ignore critical early-warning signs of a dangerous new trend taking hold?

I invite you take a 100% free look at an eye-opening new 2-page report — a quick 5-minute read from Elliott Wave International that answers these questions and shows you three charts you will probably not see from any other source. These three charts show what’s really wrong with the US economy, which is why I think most economists would rather keep them secret.

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As a result, you can prepare for the change in trend that’s taking hold right now — before other investors take notice — before it gets worse.

See the evidence for yourself, and make up your own mind.