Is it time to invest in China and Japan?

Chinese GDP growth was more than 10% according to yesterday’s report. China is taking steps to clamp down on credit expansion to avoid an over heating economy.

As you likely know, the Asian markets have become an undeniable force in the global economy, and they have provided some of the most exciting investment opportunities in the past few years. Should you invest in China and Japan now? Discover an entirely fresh perspective on their economies in an eye-opening new free report from our friends at Elliott Wave International.

Sharp cultural contrasts — from fashion to desired marital traits — exist between China and Japan. This has everything to do with the overarching economic conditions, as you’ll discover inside.

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China had one child policy for a while and is likely to face an aging population that will become a problem in a decade. Japan already has this problem and is likely to get worse starting 2014. But do we have enough reason to ignore demographics and jump into these Asian markets and expect great returns?