German Economy is Broken

How Germany’s Economy is Turning Ugly This economic gauge “dipped back below zero in less than a year” In November 2020, when fears were rampant over a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the president of the European Central Bank called for economic stimulus (Reuters): Facing gloomy outlook, Lagarde calls for unlocking EU aid In… Read more German Economy is Broken

Tulip Mania Was Nothing

Recently, Elliott Wave International’s president Robert Prechter gave a rare interview. He covered a lot of ground – from stocks and Bitcoin to the economy and gold. Our friends at Elliott Wave International are sharing Prechter’s interview with you free. Listen as Prechter explains why 2021’s extreme market sentiment made the Tulip Mania look like… Read more Tulip Mania Was Nothing

Harbinger of the Bear Market

Insights into This “Ultimate Harbinger” of the Bear Market Enthusiasm for U.S. IPOs seems to be dramatically decreasing Back in early 2021, many investors were chomping at the bits to invest in entities about which they knew next to nothing. These entities are known as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), which may be described as… Read more Harbinger of the Bear Market

Possible Replay of History

Stocks: Possible Replay of an Ominous Price Pattern “I became panicky and covered at a considerable loss…” The reason price patterns tend to repeat in the stock market is that investor psychology never changes. The Elliott wave model directly reflects these largely predictable swings in investor psychology. That’s what the Elliott wave principle is all… Read more Possible Replay of History

Sectors Leading Lower

Will These 2 Sectors Lead the Stock Market Lower? This key sector continues to be “fragile” Although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, the U.S. stock market has been in a downtrend since January 2022. The reason it doesn’t feel like it is because the S&P 500 has been in a narrow trading range between… Read more Sectors Leading Lower

More Banks Could Fail

More Banks Could Collapse — A Lot More This ETF “continues to make lower lows” It’s sobering to reflect on the fact that the second, third and fourth largest bank failures in U.S. history have all occurred in just the past few months. They are First Republic, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New… Read more More Banks Could Fail

Insane Optimism in Stocks

How “Insane Optimism” is at Work in the Stock Market “Stock investors are so bullish that they are…” Many technical indicators are highly useful, yet the price moves of the stock market really boil down to two things: optimism and pessimism. Major trend turns tend to occur when extremes are reached in either optimism or… Read more Insane Optimism in Stocks

Next Shoe to Drop: Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds: “The Next Shoe to Drop” “The neckline has been broken over the last few days” A “calamity” is likely ahead for corporate bonds, says our head of global research, Murray Gunn. Some of Murray’s analysis involves the head and shoulders, a classic technical chart pattern. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s an… Read more Next Shoe to Drop: Corporate Bonds

M2 Money Supply Deflates

U.S. Money Supply Deflates 2% Annually (What That Means) The debt bomb implodes: Expect recession and deflation Many pundits have expressed worry about the ramifications of global debt — and rightly so. As the Wall Street Journal noted toward the end of 2022: The world has amassed $290 trillion of debt and it’s getting more… Read more M2 Money Supply Deflates

Housing Market Top

How This Pattern from the Prior Housing Bust is Repeating Here’s when homes will likely sell for once-in-a-lifetime bargains Just like the gold “in them thar hills” motivated people from all walks of life to become miners way back when, real estate booms have motivated people from far and wide to become agents. In both… Read more Housing Market Top

Retail Investors Jump In

U.S. Stocks: Why Acting Independently Has Never Been More Important “Individual investors have been snapping up stocks at the fastest pace on record” More than 20 years ago, when I was working for another company, I remember hearing a colleague say that he doesn’t look at his monthly 401k statements. The implication was clear: He… Read more Retail Investors Jump In

Gold Price and Inflation

Gold and Inflation: Here’s a Market Myth “If you believe in Gold as a consumer price inflation hedge then…” Back in the days of the Roman Empire, an ounce of gold could buy a Roman a well-made toga, belt and finely crafted sandals. In modern day Rome, lo and behold, a businessman can become sharply… Read more Gold Price and Inflation

Deflation Threat

Why the Threat of Deflation is Real “The Federal Reserve is forging ahead with its balance sheet reduction” I know — inflation has been grabbing all the headlines for a good while now — so you may wonder why the subject of deflation is relevant. First, the definitions of inflation and deflation go beyond commonly… Read more Deflation Threat