Time Tested Indicator

Why You Should Pay Attention to This Time-Tested Indicator Now “How High Can Markets Go?” — asks this magazine cover Paul Montgomery’s Magazine Cover Indicator postulates that by the time a financial asset makes it to the cover of a well-known news weekly, the existing trend has been going on for so long that it’s… Read more Time Tested Indicator

China’s Housing Bust

Here’s an Update on China’s Big Housing Bust “Property market weakness is now spreading into the overall economy.” If you’re wondering about the future value of your home or the housing market in general, you may want to pay attention to what’s going on in China. The bottom line: The way we see it at… Read more China’s Housing Bust

US Home Equity

What Will Happen to That $30 Trillion in U.S. Home Equity? “It’s like someone turned off the faucet” You probably remember the last big housing bust which began more than 15 years ago. Elliott Wave International has observed that falling housing prices are generally preceded by a decline in home sales. The lag time may… Read more US Home Equity

Bold Call on Housing Prices

Here’s a “Bold Call” on U.S. Housing Prices (Don’t Hang Your Hat on It) This does not look like a bottom in median existing home prices Back in October 2022, none other than Realtor.com asked the question: Is America in a housing bubble–and is it getting ready to burst? That was 10 months ago and… Read more Bold Call on Housing Prices

Housing Market Top

How This Pattern from the Prior Housing Bust is Repeating Here’s when homes will likely sell for once-in-a-lifetime bargains Just like the gold “in them thar hills” motivated people from all walks of life to become miners way back when, real estate booms have motivated people from far and wide to become agents. In both… Read more Housing Market Top