Stock Market Big Picture

A Stock Market Top For the Ages

Robert Prechter gave a rare, live presentation — “A Stock Market Top for the Ages” — at the annual New Orleans Investment Conference in December 2021.

In just 20 minutes, Prechter shows 28 charts — everything from penny stocks to dollar volume in IPOs to SPACs — to give you a clear, bird’s-eye view of today’s markets.

Unbelievable” is the word he uses to describe several of these charts.

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2021 Cash Holdings All Time Low

Before the 2008 crash, cash was hated:


Fast Forward to 2021, we have an all time low record at 2% cash only:

Everybody who can buy has already bought!

Here is a brief look at the crash that may follow these bubble levels:

Learn more, knowledge is power:

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Tragicomic Story of Stocks

Here is the story of irrational exuberance in stocks in a few frames:
Fully invested and totally confident!

But the market top sets in suddenly!

Investors buy the dips

But supports do not hold

FED comes to the rescue

But printing money is not the same as producing

Economic collapse wipes us out