US Dollar Will Rise in Deflation

Before the 2008 crash, US dollar had been declining steadily. Everyone was on a borrowing spree. We borrowed and spent and inflated the money supply. Banks create money when we borrow. And more and more chequebook money was being created. Then we ran out of borrowers and deflation started. US dollar suddenly shot up. Once again, we are at a time when dollar is about to go up against everything else. But there is one currency that is most vulnarable right now. On the day when the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivers his much-anticipated speech in Jackson Hole, we want to tell you about an emerging forex opportunity which…

…has nothing to do with Bernanke.

And that’s exactly what makes this opportunity so promising: Few traders know about it.

See, while most of the forex world is focusing on Bernanke, traders who are in-the-know are looking at what few people see: Elliott wave patterns.

The man who found this new opportunity for you is Elliott Wave International’s Jim Martens.

Who is Jim Martens?

Jim is Elliott Wave International’s long-time Senior Currency Strategist — and one of the very few top forex Elliott wave instructors in the world. A sought-after speaker, Jim has been successfully applying Elliott since the mid-1980s, including 2 years at the George Soros-affiliated hedge fund, Nexus Capital, Ltd.

Here’s why this forex opportunity is both so urgent and promising:

  1. This forex market’s daily chart shows complete waves 1 and 2. This is a textbook Elliott wave trade setup:
  2. What should come next is wave 3 — the strongest, longest and most explosive wave in an Elliott wave sequence.

  3. Wave 2 has already retraced .618% of wave 1 — a common Fibonacci reversal point.
  4. You risk is limited and well-defined: Under the rules of Elliott, wave 2 cannot retrace more than 100% of wave 1.

So your risk-reward ratio is at least 3-to-1!

Third waves are what every Elliott wave trader lives for. Catching 2-3 such moves can literally make your year.

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