The Bond Market Rout

Violent Bond Selloff: An Eye-Opening Perspective In Elliott wave terms, bond investors have transitioned from extreme optimism to extreme pessimism. The bull market in bonds has been running for decades. We may have seen the top. Some call it the greatest bull market of our time, even exceeding stocks. Is it over? Have we seen… Read more The Bond Market Rout

How to Invest for the Brexit?

Will the Britain exit EU? If you follow Europe’s major financial news networks, you’re no doubt inundated by all the rumor and conjecture surrounding the Brexit referendum — it dominates the headlines. Back across the pond, the Washington Post calls it the “most important vote in Europe in a half-century.” So will Great Britain exit… Read more How to Invest for the Brexit?

Consumers Are Now Savers

The real reason consumers aren’t spending is not a matter of monetary policy; it’s a matter of psychology. On June 2, the postman rang once — and, boy, did he ring. That day, the Wall Street Journal published a strongly worded letter titled, “Grand Central: A Letter to Stingy American Consumers,” which included these notable… Read more Consumers Are Now Savers

Deflation Nightmare in Europe

Elliott Wave International’s European markets expert Brian Whitmer often cautions his subscribers to beware of the pitfalls that will accompany the developing deflation in Europe. On May 20-27, Brian is hosting a free 5-video event at Investing in Europe: 5 Critical Insights. “Europe seems to be leading the way on important global trends, so… Read more Deflation Nightmare in Europe