Socionomics and Elliott Waves

Robert Prechter Talks About Elliott Waves and Socionomics According to Socionomic theory, behavior of the aggregate population is patterned just like seasons, and that has far reaching ramifications, especially for financial markets. Let’s hear it from the father of the Socionomic theory, Robert Prechter. 1. How did you come across Elliott wave analysis? My dad… Read more Socionomics and Elliott Waves

Financial Forecast 2017

Our friends at Elliott Wave International (EWI) regularly put out great free content on their site. If you’ve visited their site before, you may have seen “Chart of the Day,” a featured series of videos that take a quick, but close examination of a chart from one of EWI’s paid publications. Since Robert Folsom began… Read more Financial Forecast 2017

Crude Oil Sinks

Crude Oil Sinks 20%: Why “Oversupply” Isn’t the Half of It Oil prices have defied bullish efforts to curb oversupply. Here’s our take on why. I have a friend… let’s call him Larry. Let’s just say, Larry is not a fan of taking risks. He likes his reflexes fast, his cars slow, and his financial… Read more Crude Oil Sinks

Central Bank Balance Sheet Expansion Continues without INFLATION

See our global market charts that cover $18 TRILLION, inflation(?), and a truly bold forecast.   What You Need to Know NOW About Protecting Yourself from Deflation Get this free, special report about the unexpected but imminent and grave risk to your portfolio. You’ll also get 29 specific forecasts for Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, New… Read more Central Bank Balance Sheet Expansion Continues without INFLATION

The Bond Market Rout

Violent Bond Selloff: An Eye-Opening Perspective In Elliott wave terms, bond investors have transitioned from extreme optimism to extreme pessimism. The bull market in bonds has been running for decades. We may have seen the top. Some call it the greatest bull market of our time, even exceeding stocks. Is it over? Have we seen… Read more The Bond Market Rout

How to Invest for the Brexit?

Will the Britain exit EU? If you follow Europe’s major financial news networks, you’re no doubt inundated by all the rumor and conjecture surrounding the Brexit referendum — it dominates the headlines. Back across the pond, the Washington Post calls it the “most important vote in Europe in a half-century.” So will Great Britain exit… Read more How to Invest for the Brexit?