Once in a Life Time Stock Market Trade

We are witnessing one of those times that future generations will read in history books just like we read about the great stock market crash of the Great Depression. It is rare that decades and centuries of economic cycles top all together at the same time to form the perfect storm. The World’s debt problems, stock market bubble, housing bubble, credit bubble, are all coming together to threaten the capitalist economies as we know them. Past decade has witnessed multiple degrees of Elliott Waves end their final 5th of 5th waves. This is a rare top that happens once in 400 years. Kondratieff cycle is going through it’s Kondratieff Winter phase that is about to strengthen it’s deflationary grip on the economy. And if you are lucky enough to be sitting with a pile of cash, then you will first witness one of the greatest short opportunities in the stock market, followed by the greatest buying opportunity of a life time. Good luck.

Bob Prechter Discusses Market Forecasts on CNBC Closing Bell

“The problem is deeper than just a minor recovery or a minor recession.”

Robert Prechter joins CNBC hosts Bill Griffeth and Maria Bartiromo on Closing Bell to talk about the still-unfolding forecasts presented in his New York Times bestseller Conquer the Crash.

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