Is There a Tech Bubble?

Silicon valley was not hit as hard during the financial crisis and the tech stocks have done well since. Nasdaq has reached all time high exceeding 2000 bubble levels, retreated a bit. Could we argue we are not at bubble levels yet? Was it business as usual for Facebook to pay 19 billion dollars for… Read more Is There a Tech Bubble?

Bear Markets Move Fast!

With today’s market action, I don’t have a lot of time, and I’m sure you don’t either, but I want to drop a quick note before things get too crazy this week. Here’s the deal: This morning, the Dow crashed 1,000 at the open and has since rebounded. China declined 8.5%. Europe and the S&P… Read more Bear Markets Move Fast!

Stocks Slide Globally

Is this the start of a global financial crash? “When the alarm goes off and the dreamers awake, it will be pandemonium in the stock market.” — Bob Prechter, from the just-released Elliott Wave Theorist. You would agree that markets around the world have served investors a lot of surprises lately: Crude oil just fell… Read more Stocks Slide Globally

Oil Trend Change?

There is one solution to staying ahead of oil’s trend changes — Elliott wave analysis! You know the expression “God works in mysterious ways”? Well, according to an August 6 CNBC article, the price action of one financial market — i.e., crude oil — has out-mystified even God himself. Or, rather, the well-heeled star of… Read more Oil Trend Change?

Volatility in Chinese Stock Market

“Chao gu” is the Chinese term for speculating in stocks. Roughly translated, it means “stir-frying” shares. Lately, though, for millions of Chinese investors, it means getting fried. Enter the “nerve-shredding,” “whiplash-inducing,” rollercoaster “tantrum” of China’s stock market. After soaring to 7-year highs on June 12, both the Shanghai Composite and Shenzhen stock indexes collapsed in… Read more Volatility in Chinese Stock Market

The New Nasdaq Bubble

Most tech stocks lead by Silicon Valley companies had a great run after the 2009 bottom. Nasdaq once again reached above 5000. The Silicon Valley traffic is unbearable, the rents for tech workers are unpayable, housing in the valley challenges prior heights, or already above. Yet the stock market pundits make us believe stock have… Read more The New Nasdaq Bubble