How to Identify the Market Trend

Fundamental analysis versus Elliott wave analysis: the winner for predicting the 9-year long commodity bear market is clear. 95% of traders fail. It’s a day-drinking, country-music kind of statistic. Think: “Friends in Sell-Low, Buy-High Places.” One article attempts to quantify the reasons, citing: “SCIENTIST DISCOVERED WHY MOST TRADERS LOSE MONEY — 24 SURPRISING STATISTICS.” See… Read more How to Identify the Market Trend

Why Oil Prices Fell

Why Oil Prices Fell — Stockpiles or Price Pattern? You be the judge… Let’s cut right to the chart below. The shaded triangle highlights the dramatic price action in crude oil prices on August 15, when crude plummeted 3% to its lowest level in over nine weeks. Now, according to the mainstream experts, the number… Read more Why Oil Prices Fell

Is There a Tech Bubble?

Silicon valley was not hit as hard during the financial crisis and the tech stocks have done well since. Nasdaq has reached all time high exceeding 2000 bubble levels, retreated a bit. Could we argue we are not at bubble levels yet? Was it business as usual for Facebook to pay 19 billion dollars for… Read more Is There a Tech Bubble?